While the Bend community may be known as a tourist hot spot these days — thanks to its status as an outdoor sports destination — that’s not the only thing the area offers. Over the last several years, the region has become the state’s premier beer destination, and new breweries seem to pop up every month. Now over 27 breweries call Central Oregon home and Bend itself hosts 18 beer-making and beer-pouring facilities. And they’re all ready and waiting, so fill your glass and enjoy a local brew at some of these fantastic local breweries in Deschutes County!

Deschutes County breweries
A bartender passing off a pint at Deschutes Brewery’s Bend Public House. Photo courtesy: Deschutes Brewery

Bend Public House

1044 NW Bond St., Bend

The fun all began in 1988 when Deschutes Brewery, known as Fish Brewing back then, arrived on the scene. Their Bend Public House has been a vibrant fixture of the downtown area since that time, with their original first beers being brewed at the location.

Over the years they’ve also expanded adding a brewery and tasting room across town on the banks of the Deschutes River, the second pub in downtown Portland, and a tasting room as far away as Roanoke, Virginia so even the East Coast can enjoy some Oregon crafted beer! Today a total of 19 taps serve the Bend community along with a beer-centric menu prepared by their top chefs with hand-crafted excellence creating quality cuisine.

Deschutes County breweries
Local ladies enjoying a previous Labor Day Weekend at Boneyard Pub. Photo courtesy: Boneyard Pub

Boneyard Pub

1955 NE Division St., Bend

In 2010, Boneyard Beer got its start in an old auto shop tucked away in the backstreets of Bend’s historic district. The name actually comes from owner Tony Lawrence who built up a “boneyard,” as he liked to refer to it, of old equipment he had collected from 13 different breweries around the country to use to craft the first Boneyard Beer libations.

As time marched on, Boneyard became a local success and expanded in 2014 to a bigger and brighter warehouse for crafting. Then in 2018, they opened the doors to Boneyard Pub, where locals can now enjoy a full pint straight from the source with delicious food to boot!

Deschutes County breweries
Locals love the outdoor seating at Wild Ride Brewing. Photo courtesy: Wild Ride Brewing

Wild Ride Brewing

332 SW 5th St., Redmond

Located in the heart of downtown Redmond, Wild Ride Brewing has been serving residents since its grand opening on May 10, 2014. Originally the location was an old lumber storage building in the downtown area, but all the owners needed was four walls, concrete floors, garage doors, and a tall ceiling to make their dream come to life.

Today they are open seven days a week with food options available from the food cart community located on their patio, along with a family-friendly taproom that has both indoor and outdoor seating to fit the Central Oregon lifestyle.

Deschutes County breweries
Dianne from Cascade Lakes on 7th St showcasing all the beers on tap. Photo courtesy: Cascade Lakes Brewing Company

Cascade Lakes at 7th St

855 SW 7th St., Redmond

Since 1994, Cascade Lakes Brewing Company has crafted bold, genuine, and innovative brewery creations while simultaneously bringing the community together at their locally owned and operated Cascade Lakes at 7th Street.

This local brewpub is culinary-driven, with the venue centered around their freshly crafted beer coupled with Chef Jeff Kelly striving to produce high-end local fare prepared seasonally fresh. Their rustic outdoors aesthetic and welcoming environment creates a lovely scene where locals can come in and enjoy specialty crafted brews that can already be found in five states along the West Coast.

Sunriver Pub

57100 Beaver Dr., Bldg. #4, Sunriver

Sunriver Brewing has been committed to providing the Deschutes County community with the highest quality craft products and best in class service since its start on Independence Day in 2012. Since then, they have expanded and opened three pubs in the area for those thirsty and looking to stop in for an award-winning craft beer.

Their pubs in Galveston, Oakway, and Sunriver serve the community all their signature drinks and high-quality pub food. The company itself got its start out of the Sunriver Pub, where the local family-owned pub began to brew its own beer, and once they got started, the demand increased, and they were able to expand.

Deschutes County breweries
Locals and visitors enjoy playing AC/DC pinball at Mountain Jug. Photo courtesy: Mountain Jug

Mountain Jug

56805 Venture Ln., Suite C, Sunriver

Twenty years of craft beer experience and culture are found at The Mountain Jug, thanks to owners Mark and Tonya Cornett, who have been in the industry for many years. The shop itself is located at the Sunriver Business Park, making it a super convenient stop for locals, tourists, and outdoor enthusiasts. The log infrastructure has a welcoming rustic feel.

Customers who stop in can enjoy their drinks while sifting through The Jug’s vintage vinyl collection or while playing a few games on their AC/DC pinball machine or their classic arcade cocktail table, which itself is loaded with 60 games from the 1980s featuring favorites like Pac Man, Donkey Kong, and Burger Time.

Newer breweries continue to pop up in the Deschutes County community since Deschutes Brewery started it all so many years ago. As new ones have started, new tastes, atmospheres, and flavors have come with them, offering our area a wide variety of tasteful and unique craft beers with their roots planted firmly in our community. Each one showcases the diversity that Central Oregon has to offer, so what are you waiting for? There are over 27 breweries in the area waiting to quench your thirst!

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